Company Overview

Our Mission

We help innovation organizations flourish by delivering world-class real estate spaces with a collaborative approach and integrated services.

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What we do

Longfellow partners with leading universities, institutions and companies to deliver holistic real estate solutions for life sciences and technology organizations. We invest in and develop real estate assets to create transformational work environments. We also provide leasing, facilities and property management services for our tenant partners.

Longfellow At A Glance

check mark imageVertically integrated real estate developer and manager
check mark imagePartner with research universities, scientific firms, and technology companies to help them grow, innovate and create
check mark imageStrategic capital allocation through a value-add real estate fund for institutional investors
check mark imageOver 20 professionals across Boston and North Carolina offices

Key Projects

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Key Project

Own and manage 1.6M SF portfolio of lab and innovation space with Duke University School of Medicine as largest tenant.

Key Project

Developing the Durham Innovation District in Downtown Durham, NC, a 1.7M SF master planned, mixed-use neighborhood focused on science and technology, anchored by Duke University.

Key Project

Longfellow acquired, renovated, leases and manages 1030 Mass. Ave., a life sciences building in the heart of MIT and Harvard.

It's in our DNA

It’s in our DNA.

We love investing in property. Buildings. Structures. They’re tangible. Real. Dreaming up ideas that become a reality. Having a vision and knowing how to execute. When it all comes together, when our spaces are filled with people creating the next big thing, we listen, learn and iterate to make it even better. Then we get ready to do it again.

We know how to put capital to work and deliver on ambitious challenges. We deliver quality experiences on time and on budget. We’ve got a lifetime of experience delivering real estate for the innovation economy.

But it’s not just about building structures. It’s about the people and companies inside them that are making the innovation economy in real time. We want our places to sing with creativity and connections. We believe in the power of the work environment to nurture and grow both companies and people. Now that’s exciting.

Who we work with

We partner with leading institutions across academia and industry. When you work with the best, you know what it takes to do great work. That's why Duke and Drexel University have chosen us to be their partner. That’s why Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Life Technologies and Novan Therapeutics work with us.